Presented four new vans of the Local Police for various service units

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, and the Councilor for Security and Emergencies, Federico Alarcón, have presented this morning the four new vans acquired by the Local Police and that will be destined: one for the Unit of Proceedings and Attempts (UDA ), two for the Operational Reinforcement Group (GRO) and one for the Canine Media Team. All of them with special equipment and adapted to the functions of these units.
The mayor has informed that the acquisition of these four vans is included in the lease for a period of four years of a total of 17 vehicles (12 vehicles and 5 vans), fully equipped with the latest technologies in safety and efficiency. The contract for the 17 vehicles has involved a municipal investment of 702,000 euros, divided into four years, being about 175,000 euros per year with VAT included.

Eduardo Dolón has congratulated all the professionals of the Local Police and, especially, the delegate councilor Federico Alarcón, for having achieved that the Torrevieja Local Police has become one of the best equipped in the entire Valencian Community with the acquisition of these 17 new state-of-the-art vehicles.

All vans are equipped with state-of-the-art diesel engines with adblue for gas cleaning and environmental protection. They are equipped with general equipment , like the rest of the patrol cars, such as state-of-the-art transmitters of the TETRA system, surveillance cameras with the ROMA integral system, which in the coming months will be implemented in the city of Torrevieja, professional flashlights, darkening of crystals, marker tape and GPS. Likewise, they come equipped with internet to be able to connect from any point of the municipality to the query databases, in order to provide a better service.

The vans are equipped with anti-breakage protections for windows, headlights and lights, to be able to act with total safety and protection against any serious eventuality, the interior cabin is divided into 6 seats, which are arranged so that the personnel can move and equip the necessary material without having to get out of the vehicle, guaranteeing their safety.

-Rescue or relief equipment . The members of the GRO when acting in various specific tasks, have been provided with first intervention material, means for rescue and aid: dry powder fire extinguisher, first aid kit, fire blanket, glass breaker hammer and belt cutter, motor starter cable, waterproof rescue rope, steel bar (kickstand), decarceration hammer, shear, torpedo type life jacket and portable winch. All this to be able to act with the total guarantee of being able to resolve any emergency situation.

-Equipment for controls . Signaling tetrapods (cones), control signaling (four supports and various signals), box of spikes to stop vehicles, video surveillance cameras from the front of the exterior, control beacon lights and a laptop support for the consultation of data on site.

-Extra equipment . Vehicles have been equipped with inverted shields, which are used for the disarmament of people with knives, safeguarding the integrity of the agents in the face of this type of danger. It has also been equipped with a level 4A ballistic shield with central vision and light, to safeguard the integrity of the officers in armed confrontations.