The City Council invests € 1,507,173 in contracting for five years the comprehensive maintenance service and irrigation network of parks, gardens and other municipal green areas

The councilor secretary of the Local Government Board of the Torrevieja City Council, Federico Alarcón, has informed this morning of the approval of the file, specifications of technical prescriptions and administrative clauses for the contracting of the integral maintenance service, replacement, general repair and conservation of the irrigation systems of the green areas and public roads, including all the elements that are necessary for their correct operation, construction, management and viability of the municipality of Torrevieja. It should be noted that the works, extensions, modifications and any other circumstance that affects the contract will be the property of the City Council, once executed and certified. The duration of the contract will be three years, with an annual extension of two years. The maximum duration, if the corresponding extensions are agreed upon, will be 5 years. The estimated value of the contract amounts to 1,507,172.60 euros, with the base bid budget being 301,434 euros.