The university headquarters of the University of Alicante in Torrevieja analyzes in a summer course the importance of the microorganisms of the Pink Lagoon for the natural environment and its potential applications

Torrevieja university headquarters
The Torrevieja headquarters of the UA gave a theoretical-practical Biotechnology-based course focused on knowing the diversity of microorganisms that live in the water column and sediments of the Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja and similar ecosystems, as well as highlighting the importance of microorganisms Extremophiles of these ecosystems in the natural environment.

As a central part of the course, the study of the industrial applications of some of the molecules produced by these microorganisms was addressed, as well as applications of the microorganisms themselves in environmental recovery processes (removal of heavy metals, bioremediation of brines, etc. ) and treatment of saline wastewater and brine from desalination plants.

Aspects related to the microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry of these microorganisms were discussed, to later understand how they could be used in industrial processes (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water treatment and bioremediation of brines and soils).