Grant grant from Hon. Alicante Provincial Council

programa coeducación

It has been granted by the Hon. Diputación de Alicante a subsidy to the Torrevieja City Council for the amount of 2,042.12 euros , for the coeducation program CHILDREN OF YESTERDAY, CHILDREN OF TODAY, GIRLS OF YESTERDAY, GIRLS OF TODAY , according to the call for Grants to Municipalities and Entities of scope territorial area below the municipality (EATIM) of the province of Alicante for programs and activities for equal opportunities and prevention of gender violence, annuity 2021 "

The project develops the concepts of egalitarian masculinities and the elimination of feminine roles and stereotypes', and is aimed at first-year primary school students in Torrevieja schools.

It consists of 6 pills in .mp4 format and two teaching cards for teachers in .PDF format:
Pill 1: Male Roles and Stereotypes.

  • Pill 2: Stewardship.
  • Pill 3: affection and emotions.
  • Pill 4: Feminine tastes and abilities.
  • Pill 5: Referents.
  • Pill 6: Sorority and freedom.
  • All the pills have a series of illustrated slides, and the figure of an equality agent explaining each content; and each one of them lasts between 6 and 10 minutes approximately. In them, different issues related to the equality of women and men, co-education and co-responsibility, as well as the eradication of gender stereotypes and roles, through diversity and positive and co-educational resources are addressed.
    After each one of the pills, a dynamic has been prepared to consolidate the knowledge and contents of said pill, and put them into practice.

    This Resolution has been published in BOP No. 164 of August 30, 2021.