Presented the program of the patron saint festivities in honor of La Purísima

Lori Meyers, Ella dances alone, Carlos Baute, Rozalén and Rels B, concerts for these Patron Saint Festivities 2021
La Purísima
The traditional Flower Offering that will take place on December 4 and the Magna Procession on December 8 is recovered, respecting security measures

The Councilor for Festivities of the Torrevieja City Council, Concha Sala, accompanied by the priest of the Immaculate Conception, Manuel Martínez Rocamora, and the president of the Association Children of the Immaculate, Antonio Aniorte, presented this morning the poster and the acts of the Patron Saint Festivities 2021 in honor of La Purísima, which will begin this Friday, November 19, and end on Thursday, December 9.

In the words of the Party Councilor, the realization of this program has been difficult since it has involved a great deal of work and effort due to the obvious sanitary restrictions. A program that has been designed with enthusiasm and caution "I want to insist that they are the patron saint festivities that are similar to the usual ones but that they still cannot be" and has requested "maximum respect in the use of masks, maintain the safety distance , and application of whatever restrictions and prevention measures are necessary so that fun and safety can coexist ”.

The festivities recover the Offering of Flowers in honor of the Purísima, which will take place next Saturday, December 4, respecting social distance and the use of masks throughout the tour, as well as limiting the number of people per row in order to respect social distance. The patron saint of Torrevieja will once again process through the streets of the city, on the usual route. As a novelty, and always respecting the sanitary guidelines, the bearers will wear masks, as well as all the people who are lighting up. The point of greatest accumulation of people that occurs with the launching of the fireworks display in front of the Casino, will not exceed five minutes to avoid crowds, as well as the singing of the Salve and the hymn to La Purísima that will take place outside of the archpriest temple.

This year the Fiestas in the Neighborhoods that were so successful during the 2019 festivities (Diversequión, Patrofest and Zentrofest) are also resumed. Concha Sala thanked the residents of the Acequión neighborhood, organizers of Diversequión and its traditional Bisiquión for adults and children. "Thanks also to the residents of the La Punta neighborhood, with their association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for their enthusiasm for the preparation of the Patrofest", a gratitude that has been extended to all citizens for their welcome.

The Plaza de la Constitución will once again have a stage that will begin its programming with a new celebration of lighting the lighting of the Patron Saint's Festivities and Christmas, starting at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, November 27, later the inauguration of the Nativity Scene will take place. Municipal.

The popular charamita will return to the streets, one of the typical pictures of the festivities, Lily and her troupe of giants and big heads will show off their best image after being renovated, which has involved a great effort on the part of the Party Department. Its first departure will be on December 2, at 12:45 p.m., and it will have as a novelty an inclusive outing, on December 5, in which the group of giants and big heads will wait for children with functional diversity in the Plaza Miguel Hernández, to accompany them to the official starting point.

The Department of Festivities in collaboration with the Municipal Institute of Culture "Joaquín Chapaprieta" and the Department of Youth have organized five concerts that are:

The Coronation Gala of the Queen of Salt and her bridesmaids will be the starting signal for the Patron Saint Festivities, this Saturday, November 20, at the Municipal Theater, and can be followed live through the open signal of Televisión Torrevieja and the official Facebook page of the Torrevieja City Council.

Finally, the Councilor for Festivities has announced that this next Wednesday she will offer a press conference to give all the details of the celebration of the popular Paellas, which this year are also recovered in the Markets area of the Antonio Soria Park.