Presentation of the repair project for the A+D runways at Plaza Europa, Urb. Los Altos, Urb. Torreblanca, Urb. Torreta III and the runway at Urb. La Siesta - El Chaparral

Diana Box has highlighted the repair of the 7 paddle tennis courts that will be approved by the Royal Spanish Padel Federation
The City Council of Torrevieja is finalizing the drafting of the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and other Addictive Behaviors in collaboration with the University of Alicante

The Councilor for Sports and Public Health, Diana Box, presented this morning the repair project for the 6 A+D courts, the construction of the La Mata sports pavilion, as well as the repair of the paddle tennis courts of the Ciudad Deportiva and the recovery of the Addictive Behavior Prevention service.

Diana Box has highlighted the actions that have already begun to be carried out on six A+D slopes in the municipality, specifically those located in the Plaza de Europa, Los Altos urbanization, Torreblanca urbanization (next to the CEIP Ciudad del Mar), the located in the urbanization of Torreta III and the one located in the urbanization La Siesta-El Chaparral. With an investment of €400,000, the demolition and replacement of the concrete perimeter walls that are currently in poor condition will be carried out, as well as the dismantling and replacement of the simple torsion mesh. The lighting will be replaced by installing LED lights, continuing with the commitment that the Torrevieja City Council has with sustainability and energy efficiency. As for the pavement of the tracks, it will be repaired by milling and cleaning, painting and marking will be carried out. All facilities will have the replacement and installation of sports equipment such as baskets and goals. The Councilor for Sports has indicated that "we are preparing the conditioning of the rest of the sports courts in the municipality to continue promoting sports throughout the municipality."

The Councilor for Sports also wanted to highlight the repair of the 7 paddle tennis courts and the repair of the 2 racquetball courts, which has an investment of €600,000. Regarding the actions on the paddle tennis courts, Box has reported that a complete installation will be carried out with quality materials and new generation infrastructures and that they will have the approval of the Royal Padel Federation. The central court will maintain the stands on both sides and will be panoramic allowing a global vision of everything that happens on the pitch. In addition to that the facilities will be accessible to all. Lighting will be completely replaced with LED spotlights, which represents energy savings and an improvement in terms of lighting levels on the slopes. Among the actions is also the redevelopment of the surroundings, which involves conditioning, especially in the upper part, thus allowing the entry of vehicles for the arrangements of the facilities. A modular assembly with a bar and cafeteria service will be installed to offer an essential service to citizens who visit and use the facilities. Diana Box has pointed out that "it is the intention of this council to install a rental service for paddle and tennis sports equipment so that all Torrevejenses can enjoy the practice of these sports." Regarding the actions to be carried out on the racquetball courts, the councilor has detailed that the fencing of the track will be repaired and the floor will be repaired along with the repainting of the lines. The facilities will also be adapted with the installation of adequate lighting with LED spotlights.

Diana Box has also presented the construction of the La Mata multi-sports pavilion, with an investment of €2,000,000, it will be located on Avenida de los Daneses and will have a futsal, handball, basketball, mini basketball, volleyball, badminton court and indoor hockey. In terms of Public Health, the councilor explained the recovery and start-up of the Unit for the Prevention of Addictive Behaviors with a budget of €119,000. As reported by Diana Box, the City Council of Torrevieja is finalizing the drafting of the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and other Addictive Behaviors in collaboration with the University of Alicante. "We want to carry out prevention programs for young people in educational centers as well as offer a care service to families", commented the Councilor for Public Health.