In the next few days a contract for the collection of domestic birds in urban spaces of Torrevieja begins

It is planned that this action will take place in ten points in the municipality of Torrevieja, starting in the Parque de la Estación and in the Jardín de las Naciones.
In the next few days, and after its approval tomorrow, Friday, by the Local Government Board (JGL), a contract will come into operation for the control of birds in the municipality of Torrevieja, with which it will try to lessen the effects of domestic birds. of corral that exist in various parks and areas of the city.

The Department of Animal Protection, directed by the mayor Concha Sala, has processed this minor contract that will be awarded after having been contrasted between three offers. The economic amount is 8,470 euros (VAT included).

The purpose of the contract includes the collection service for 500 domestic poultry with subsequent monitoring for recaptures and thus ensure the success of the work. It is planned that this action will take place in ten points in the municipality of Torrevieja, although it will begin in the Park of the Station and in the Garden of the Nations, as well as in the adjoining areas in which, due to the accumulation of these birds, It has already been proven that coexistence with neighbors and users of these spaces is not compatible.

In this sense, the Department of Animal Protection has detected the proliferation of the aforementioned birds in parks and public roads in recent years. There have been many neighborhood complaints in this regard, as well as notices to the Local Police regarding the danger of road traffic.

At the express wish of the City Council of Torrevieja for this purpose, the winning company will guarantee a zero sacrifice and will also proceed to deliver the birds to farms - schools and animal sanctuaries. The works will last for a year or at least until December, a date that is being considered so that the contract's mission can be completed.

Finally, and also from the Department of Animal Protection, the process has begun for a second contract that covers the control of a greater number of bird species in different parts of the municipality of Torrevieja.