Inaugurated the new occupational center, School of Autonomy (EACO) of APANEE

The occupational center will have 40 students, while the autonomous school will accommodate 210 young people with special educational needs

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, together with the president of the Association of Parents of Students with Special Educational Needs (APANEE), María José Sánchez, and accompanied by the mayors of NGOs and Volunteers, Sports, Services, Social Welfare, Education and International residents, Concha Sala, Diana Box, Sandra Sánchez, Inmaculada Montesinos, Ricardo Recuero and Gitte Lund Thomsen, as well as representatives of AGAMED, inaugurated the new EACO occupational center, located next to the current APANEE facilities, yesterday afternoon.

The Occupational Center Autonomy School (EACO) is intended for young people over 18 years of age with special educational needs, thus giving students who are already in the APANEE center an opportunity for social and labor integration. At the EACO center, which starts with 40 students in the occupational center and 210 students in the autonomy school, young people will be able to acquire personal autonomy in daily life, personal hygiene, autonomy at home, interpersonal relationships, social integration and community, academic guidance and job training.

The facilities are made up of a training classroom, and the simulation of a house made up of a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In this way, students will be able to acquire personal autonomy in their day-to-day activities. This project was born to offer an encouraging future full of opportunities to all young people with special educational needs.

The president of APANEE wanted to thank the government team, and the mayor of Torrevieja, for all the support received and "thank you for having believed in this project from the moment it was presented to you, acquiring this property and giving us the use of these facilities to be able to make the dream of 40 families come true, ensuring that they can opt for a decent quality of life for their children, supported by the association”.

For his part, Eduardo Dolón wanted to congratulate the entire team of professionals, led by the director of EACO, Inmaculada Gómez, the board of directors of APANEE and all the families that make up the entity, "for the great work you have done so that this center is a reality today”.