Entrepreneurship support agents request public-private participation structures for revitalization in the territory

"Participation structures are spaces for debate with a vocation for continuity that need two elements: on the one hand, channels or bodies capable of attracting citizens with the intention of contributing their proposals in favor of the improvement or implementation of projects On the other, the existence of structures or figures in the Administration that favor this participation. For this, it is also necessary to create points of intersection that allow connecting public organizations with citizen participation."

These have been the main conclusions of the IV Congress on Entrepreneurship and Territorial Innovation of the Valencian Community , a conference organized by the Network of CEEIs , ADLYPSE and GRIDET-UV and financed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) within the support strategy innovative entrepreneurship and the agents of the Valencian ecosystem.

Júlia Company, general director of IVACE ,   It has valued the role of the actors involved in promoting and strengthening entrepreneurship processes while highlighting the importance of entrepreneurs having aid that promotes entrepreneurship, helps meet the needs and challenges they face in your day to day.

In this sense, Julia Company has announced that for the 2023 financial year, IVACE will allocate 2 million euros, 33% more than in 2022, to support the work of the CEEIs to improve and coordinate the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ramón Ferrandis, CEO of CEEI Valencia , has highlighted the "great value of the involvement of   local and provincial administrations, business associations, universities, incubators and other public and private entities   of the Valencian Community both in the design and in the execution of the actions of the Strengthening Program”.

He added that the program “has been designed thanks to the collaboration and work of the CEEI CV Network, Gridet UV, Adlypse, and ten ecosystem entities: CV Chambers Council, AESAL-CV, Valencia Provincial Council, Castelló City Council. CastellóCREA, Impulsalicante, Territorial Pact for Employment "La Plana Baixa", CREAMA, Rincón Impulsa and La Niuada ”.

Fri, 11/25/2022 - 10:00

Central axis : permanent structures of participation in the territory.

The meeting has served to take the pulse of stable initiatives that, through the participation and collaboration of public and private agents, make it possible to establish strategies to improve the options for attracting financing and contribute to the sustainable development of the territory.

To this end, José Domingo Martínez, head of the Innovative and Sustainable Services section of the Valencia Provincial Council and Vice President of ADLYPSE ; as well as Ricard Calvo, director of GRIDET-UV (Territorial Development Research Group) have carried out a participatory work session on the need for these permanent spaces for participation.

The Congress has had two round tables in which examples of this type of structure have been shown.

In the first, territorial development actions with an impact on the rural environment have been announced. Áxel Pena , co-founder and commercial director of Voluta.coop , spoke about the DiValHack Hackathon and the Rural Hackathon , actions based on challenges that allow solving problems in rural areas in an innovative and collaborative way.

For his part, Rosario Donderis , manager of the Marina Alta Economic Recovery Consortium ( CREAMA ) explained the Xarxa Agrícola , a meeting of ideas to achieve synergies between the different agents of the agri-food sector, with the aim of revitalizing the agricultural sector of the Marina Alta

In the second, Xavier Morant , Councilor for the Promotion of Ceramics in the Manises City Council, explained the objectives and advantages that the European Association for Territorial Cooperation Ceramic Cities has for the ceramics sector.

José Antonio Navarro, manager of the Pactem Nord Consortium , has also participated in this table, who has referred to the challenges that exist in the creation and maintenance of collaborative spaces for participation.

Fernando Pindado, consultant in public policies, community action and citizen participation , has closed the day with the conference, stating that "there are actors with an entrepreneurial will, both in the institutions and in the citizenry." He also assured that “there is a desire to work, but not all people know that they can, that they have the capacity to create. For this, it is necessary to provide spaces that allow it. An example is this Congress, which once a year becomes a space that enables debate between actors and agents to work on specific objectives.

Fri, 11/25/2022 - 10:05