Sold the 500,000 euros in consumer bonds from the online sale of this sixth edition


The Councilor for Commerce of the Torrevieja City Council, Rosario Martínez, reports that yesterday the 500,000 euros in bonds that the Torrevieja City Council and the Alicante Provincial Council have made available to citizens through online sales were sold out of the current Consumer Bonus campaign, which began last Saturday, December 3, and which can be exchanged in the almost 300 participating establishments until December 31 of this year.

Rosario Martínez has expressed her satisfaction with the excellent reception that, once again, this initiative created by the Torrevieja City Council in collaboration with APYMECO has had and that, without a doubt, has become the most important campaign for the reactivation and revitalization of productive sectors that have been set up by any public administration. A campaign that has evolved in each of its editions, always seeking the security, digitization and modernization of our business fabric and the consumer itself.

Rosario Martínez has highlighted that, after the effort that has been made to sell bonds in person for an amount of 700,000 euros for anyone who did not have the possibility of using digital means of purchase, the Torrevejense consistory wanted to make an extra contribution to the amount granted by the Provincial Council of Alicante. Thus, to the 314,000 euros of the Provincial Government subsidy, the City Council increased the budget contribution so that this online sale was endowed with a total of 500,000 euros.

In this way, the strongest commercial campaign of the year, Christmas, will be supported by the City Council and the Diputación with 1,200,000 euros, having a real impact on our productive sectors of 2,400,000 euros.