The City Council installs intelligent traffic signals in various parts of the city

The Councilor for Local Police, Mobility and Traffic, Federico Alarcón, reports that intelligent traffic signals are already working in order to increase road safety in some parts of the city of Torrevieja. In this way, they have been placed in different locations on Avenida Gregorio Marañón and Avenida Desiderio Rodríguez, among others.

These are light signals that are activated through sensors, which send a signal when they detect the passage of a car, either numerically or with icons, thus the driver receives the necessary information and warnings. In addition to improving people's safety, smart signs are more sustainable and economical, since they work using solar panels.

Pedagogical radars are especially indicated to influence the behavior of drivers, and that they moderate their speed, making them aware that they are exceeding the speed limits in areas that are especially sensitive to inappropriate speed such as urban environments, proximity of traffic pedestrian, schools, etc.

Specifically, they have begun to be installed on Avenida de Desiderio Rodríguez with José Hódar (los Náufragos beach), Desiderio Rodríguez at the height of the La Veleta urbanization, Gregorio Marañón with the entrance to the port, and they are also being installed at the exits of the ambulance units (Avenida Rosa Mazón) and the Main Fire Station