More than 1000 people camp during Holy Week in the municipal recreational area "José Eduardo Gil Rebollo"

The camping period to enjoy the traditional "field days" is from last Saturday, April 1, to April 17, both inclusive

The Councilor for Parks and Gardens of the Torrevieja City Council, Antonio Vidal, reports that a total of 1,091 people are going to camp this Holy Week in the "José Eduardo Gil Rebollo" Municipal Recreation Area, in the 349 tents that have requested permission to settle in this large green area located in front of the La Mata Cemetery. The camping period is from last Saturday, April 1, to April 17, both inclusive.

This avalanche of requests authorized by the Department of Parks and Gardens certifies that this great green lung has become, for more than a decade, the main attraction for the people of Torrevieja to enjoy the traditional "days of field” of Holy Week.


In the authorizations, which are carried out through a general instance, in the electronic headquarters of the Torrevieja City Council ( attaching the responsible declaration that appears for this purpose, it is stated that they must comply with the regulations of use of the Municipal Recreational Area , which includes that they are obliged to remove the waste produced during their stay, using the containers intended for this purpose.

In addition, they must be responsible for any type of damage that may be caused, not make electrical connections to public lighting and respect the Regulatory Ordinance of Green Zones, Natural Areas and Road Trees, complying with it in all its terms. This ordinance, in terms of the protection of plant elements, prohibits all manipulation of trees and plants, throwing garbage and waste and lighting fires.

The great pine forest of the "José Eduardo Gil Rebollo" Municipal Recreation Area was created thanks to the reforestation carried out for almost two decades both by the Torrevieja City Council and by numerous associations, local entities and schools, especially with native pine plantations. . A recreational area that has toilets, children's play areas and recreation areas for the enjoyment of citizens, as well as picnic areas to enjoy a picnic.