The period for presentation of neighborhood delegates is open until August 31

The request must be made through the Electronic Office or in person at the General Registry office of the Torrevieja City Council (PROP)

The Councilor for Districts and Neighborhood Delegates, Gitte Lund Thomsen, reports that the period for the presentation of neighborhood delegates has already opened. All persons who are interested in assuming these functions must register by presenting a general request, either through the Electronic Office, or in person at the General Registry office (PROP). The submission period ends on August 31.

The Organic Regulation of Citizen Participation, in its Chapter II regulates the figure of zone delegate as a means of approaching the local administration to the citizenry. Its purpose is to attend, in a closer and more agile way, to the concerns and needs of the residents, thus achieving a greater development of the city's services.

The area delegates are residents of Torrevieja who, due to personal, work or professional residence, have knowledge of and connection to the assigned area. They will be in charge of the 21 zones into which the municipality of Torrevieja has been divided. These citizens are in direct relationship with the Citizen Participation area to channel needs, incidents and all those situations that arise in the different areas of the town in order to act as immediately as possible.

During the last legislature of Eduardo Dolón, this figure was already underway, obtaining very good results and resolving many of the situations transferred to the City Council. All this was possible thanks to the altruistic collaboration of the people who carried out this task, getting involved and dedicating part of their time and attention to improving the city. Since the duration is subject to the legislature, the presentation period for the appointments of neighborhood delegates is reopened.