The Local Security Board held with the assistance of the Government subdelegate, Carlos Sánchez Heras


This morning, Tuesday, October 31, the Local Security Board was held in the Plenary Hall of the Torrevieja City Council, with the assistance of the Government's subdelegate in Alicante, Carlos Sánchez Heras.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has thanked the subdelegate of the Government for his presence on the Torrevieja Local Security Board, as well as his willingness to meet the needs of the third city in the province of Alicante in terms of security, very much contrary to the previous subdelegate of the Government, who at no time had fair and equitable treatment with Torrevieja and the people of Torrevieja.

Among the points that have been discussed in the Agenda, it is worth highlighting the coordination of the actions carried out by the Civil Guard and Local Police of Torrevieja with attention to women victims of gender violence. Likewise, given the increase in the problem, coordination between the Security Forces and Bodies has also been addressed to prevent the street sale of counterfeit products.

The mayor of Torrevieja has once again requested a permanent increase in the number of Civil Guard troops in Torrevieja to offer a better service in terms of citizen security. Eduardo Dolón is going to provide the Government subdelegate with data on water consumption and urban solid waste collection, which demonstrate that the city of Torrevieja has more than double the annual average population than that registered in its municipal register, that is, More than 200,000 people reside in the town throughout the year, not counting the more than 500,000 inhabitants that it can have in the summer season.

Finally, the mayor, once the Agenda of the Local Security Board has been finalized, has also asked the Government's subdelegate for collaboration to be able to overcome the barrier posed by the established replacement rate in order to, in this way, be able to increase the staff of the Torrevieja Local Police.