Students of the COMINCREA Master's Degree from the UA visit Torrevieja to prepare the exhibition for the 70th Anniversary of the International Habaneras and Polyphony Contest

A multicultural group of students from the official Master's Degree in Communication and Creative Industries (Comincrea) at the University of Alicante is working on the design of this exhibition, which will open in July 2024, within the framework of the International Habaneras and Polyphony Contest. , which this year celebrates its seventieth anniversary
Last Friday, February 23, a total of 18 Comincrea Master students, from Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, France and Spain, toured iconic and representative spaces of Havana in Torrevieja, with the aim to feed the conceptualization and design of the exhibition on which they have been working since last year.

This initiative is part of the research and knowledge transfer project around the Torrevieja International Habaneras and Polyphony Competition from a musical, historical and documentary point of view, devised by researcher Jesús Segarra-Saavedra, professor of the Department of Communication and Social Psychology from the UA, and the musical coordinator Jorge Carrasco-Juárez, professor at the Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music in Granada. In addition, it has the support of the teachers of the subject Sectors of the creative industries -Christian Fortanet, Vicente García-Escrivá, Enric Mira-Pastor and Claudia Ripoll-Martínez- in which the students learn through the learning by doing methodology.

The group of students began their tour at the symbolic Eras of Salt easel, the historic headquarters of the Contest. Later they visited the archive of Francisco Sala Aniorte, official chronicler of Torrevieja and owner of one of the main documentary repertoires concerning the Contest, whom they also had the opportunity to interview. Subsequently, they analyzed the Vista Alegre exhibition hall, the space where the exhibition will take place between July and August of this year, and the exterior of the Municipal Theater. They finished the excursion with a talk about habanera, given by Belén Puente at the Torrevieja Casino. With this visit, the students were able to evaluate the conditions of the exhibition space after the recent renovation in order to adapt their proposal to said environment, as well as make contact with the atmosphere typical of the habanera in Torrevieja.

This project aims to investigate, document, digitize and disseminate the historical and cultural tradition around the habanera in Torrevieja as well as bring it closer.

to the youth audience. The exhibition aims to highlight iconic and cultural moments, objects and documents that have contributed to forming the history of these 70 years of Havana.

Initiatives like this are possible thanks to the collaboration of different actors and institutions committed to the cultural and international development of the region such as, until now, the headquarters of the University of Alicante in Torrevieja , the official Comincrea Master's Degree , the Municipal Board of Habaneras and the Municipal Archive of Torrevieja. Companies, institutions or people who want to co-sponsor the project are asked to contact their main researcher by email at or directly with the UA headquarters in Torrevieja.