The students of the UA Comincrea master's degree return to Torrevieja for the digitization of the archive and history of the Habaneras Contest

During their visit to Torrevieja, the students also participated in the intergenerational meeting “The SDGs from a tourist perspective: sustainability is everyone's business” and made progress in the preparation of the exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the Torrevieja International Habaneras and Polyphony Contest, which will open at the end of June in the Vista Alegre room

On Tuesday, March 26, a multicultural group of students from the Comincrea Master's Degree (Communication to Creative Industries) from the University of Alicante visited the Tourism Center (CdT) of Torrevieja to collaborate on the citizen participation project around the SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals), organized by the UA headquarters in Torrevieja and the University of Valencia.

Next, the students continued their visit to the archive of the official chronicler of Torrevieja, Paco Sala, carefully digitizing and measuring the relevant files and objects that will be part of the exhibition, whose inauguration is scheduled for the end of June. This digitization process guarantees the preservation, conservation and accessibility of these objects of great cultural, historical and social wealth. The exhibition will take place in the Vista Alegre room and will be an opportunity to remember the trajectory and cultural history linked to the Havana women.

The co-principal investigator and musical coordinator, Jorge Carrasco-Juárez, professor at the Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music in Granada, actively participated in this visit, offering the students valuable knowledge about habaneras and their musical, cultural and historical relevance. The students took the opportunity to ask him and deepen his perspectives, thus enriching their understanding of the world of habanera and contributing new ideas for the exhibition.

This initiative of the UA Headquarters in Torrevieja is part of a research project, educational innovation and knowledge transfer about the Torrevieja International Habaneras Contest. It is directed by the researcher Jesús Segarra-Saavedra and the musical coordinator Jorge Carrasco-Juárez and has the support of all the teaching staff of the subject "Sectors of the creative industries" of the UA. The objectives of the project are to investigate, document, digitize and disseminate the historical and cultural tradition of the habanera in Torrevieja, as well as bring it closer to the youth audience.