The City Council begins the procedures for habanera and salt crafts to be Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC)

The Councilor for Culture of the Torrevieja City Council, Antonio Quesada, reports that last Monday, April 15, the Governing Board of the Municipal Institute of Culture “Joaquín Chapaprieta” approved the proposal to begin the process of starting as an Intangible BIC (Asset of Interest Cultural) both the Habanera song and the Salinera Crafts.

This initiative of the Municipal Institute of Culture has been supported by all members who attended the Governing Board, achieving both social and political consensus.

Once the proposal has been approved, the next step will be to send the initiation requests to the Cultural Heritage area of the Department of Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana so that they can be studied with the aim of their future approval and initiation.

The Government team, through its Councilor for Culture, José Antonio Quesada, has always opted to praise the value of Torrevieja's cultural heritage, emphasizing what makes us unique and special. And the greatest example that summarizes the idiosyncrasy of Torrevieja and its connection with the sea and salt are both the Habanera song and the salt craftsmanship, unique in the world.

In the words of Antonio Quesada “we believe that in these times when globalization occupies everything, it is important to give value to those aspects that make us unique. We have already created schools of choral singing, pulse and plectrums and salt crafts to generate a generational change. We cannot allow Torrevieja's idiosyncrasy to fall into oblivion and initiate the procedures so that Habanera and Salinera Crafts as an Asset of Intangible Cultural Interest will help us do so."