The Vista Alegre Room reopens its doors with the exhibition "The Evanescence of the Solid", by Manu Sanz


Next Sunday, April 21, at 6:00 p.m., the reopening of the Vista Alegre Room will take place, which has remained closed due to the works that are being carried out in the future building that will house the university headquarters and the new offices. by AGAMED.

The exhibition with which the room is reactivated is “The Evanescence of the Solid”, by Manu Sanz, a sculpture exhibition organized by the Municipal Institute of Culture “Joaquín Chapaprieta” and curated by Bernabé Gómez Moreno.

In the curator's words: “The evanescence of the solid by Manu Sanz consists of a metaphysical exploration of the volatility of reality. His works drag us into an intense questioning about the perception of space and time, and how we construct the concept of what is true. An incessant search to unravel the paradigms of the essence of the human being and the understanding of their vital space; where appearances deceive and mirages abound.

Through the use of optical illusions produced by mirrors and other elements such as stairs, stools and golden surfaces, the author guides us transversally towards the idea that reality, or what we believe to be true, is an ephemeral and mutable construction of our mind. And that, therefore, thanks to the creative drive we can shape it to discover, conquer and create new universes, probable or improbable, but always real and infinite in a constant vital evolution.