Association of Hospitality Companies of Torrevieja and Region

  • Asociación de Empresas de Hostelería de Torrevieja y Comarca

    C. Ramon Gallud, 145

Horarios específicos

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday from 08:00 to 15:00

Monday Saturdays and Sundays closed

965 70 42 81

The Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of Torrevieja, as it is popularly and affectionately known throughout the national territory, was born in 1975 as the Guild of Cafes and Bars since at that time associationism was prohibited. The president of said union was Mr. José Canovas Coves (known as Pepito el Coves), on March 23, 1976 the first Brotherhood Dinner was held at the Cabo Roig Restaurant on the occasion of Santa Marta, patron of the Hospitality Industry, at which different authorities attended, headed by Mayor Don Francisco Díez.

On July 21, 1977, the first statutes as an Association were registered in the MINISTRY OF TRADE UNION RELATIONS in the OFFICE OF DEPOSIT OF STATUTES OF ALICANTE, which they called the LOCAL ASSOCIATION OF EMPLOYERS OF RESTAURANTS, BARS, CAFETERÍAS AND RELATED INDUSTRIES OF TORREVIEJA, whose main purpose was to unite, train, defend and professionalize the sector, being the second association of the Valencian Community since Benidorm had recently formed an association of restaurants and hotels.

Therefore, the LOCAL ASSOCIATION OF EMPLOYEES OF RESTAURANTS, BARS, CAFETERIAS AND RELATED INDUSTRIES OF TORREVIEJA was a pioneer in the Valencian Community as an association dedicated only to Restoration and one of the first to be established at the national level.