Department of Social Services

Municipal Social Services are made up of the set of benefits and services, publicly and privately owned, as well as plans, strategies and projects aimed at promoting personal autonomy and attending to personal, family and social needs, as well as the guarantee of social inclusion.
The Valencian Public Social Services system is functionally structured into two complementary levels of care; primary care and secondary care.
Primary care is the first reference in information, advice, prevention and intervention in citizen care.
Secondary care, for its part, is configured as a second level for the provision of more specialized benefits and services.


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Basic Primary Care Services:

  • Reception and attention service in situations of need.
  • Service for the promotion of autonomy and attention to dependency.
  • Social inclusion service
  • Prevention and intervention service with families.
  • Community action service and promotion of social volunteering.
  • Equality Service.
  • Specific technical advisory service.

Specific Primary Care Services:

  • Childhood and adolescence service.
  • Gender and sexist violence service.
  • Care service for people with functional diversity, disability and mental illness.
  • Day care center for the mentally ill