The Governing Board Proposes to the mercantile Caselles Valero SL the winner of the contract for the maintenance of public roads in the municipality of Torrevieja

The JGL requires the company to submit the documentation established in the administrative clauses within a period of 10 business days
The contract, which is valid for four years (2+2), amounts to a total of 4,000,000 euros, which represents an investment of 1,000,000 euros per year

The secretary councilor of the Local Government Board (JGL) of the Torrevieja City Council, Federico Alarcón, has informed together with the mayor of Quality of Urban Services, Sandra Sánchez, that the JGL has proposed as the winner of the open procedure for the contracting of the Maintenance, of the public roads of the municipality of Torrevieja to the mercantile CASELLES VALERO SL

After the proposal approved by the Governing Board, the company is required to present the documentation established in the administrative clauses document within a period of 10 business days and present the definitive guarantee, equivalent to 5% of the base bidding budget.

Sandra Sánchez explained that it is an important and necessary contract that includes the maintenance, upkeep and repair of public roads in Torrevieja, especially those that form part of the traffic lane and sidewalks, also including pedestrian routes and, in general, elements of domain and public use that the PGOU qualifies as such, whether urbanized or not, excluding green areas that the PGOU qualifies as such in the same way, except for those services that are already included in some other maintenance contract (public lighting, traffic lights, road signs etc.)

Thus, the elements to be maintained are basically the following: sidewalk paving, traffic or pedestrian road paving, curbs, benches, seats and urban furniture, decorative elements, busts, statues, monoliths, etc., bollards and limiting elements of accesses, as well as other possible elements that may exist on public roads and are not contemplated in this list.

The contract, which will be valid for four years (2+2), amounts to a total of 4,000,000 euros, which represents an investment of 1,000,000 euros per year.

The Councilor for Quality of Urban Services has specified that in order to optimize resources and improve the quality of the work to be carried out, the municipal area will be divided into 11 work areas:

  • Zone 1. Torrevieja West. The Balconies, The Heights.
  • Zone 2. Torrevieja South. Rocío del Mar, Punta Prima, Mar Azul, La Veleta.
  • Zone 3. San Roque neighborhood. From Villa Amalia to Portalicos street.
  • Zone 4. Urban Center. From Portalicos to Palangre street, and from the coast to the axis Avda. París – Calera - Pascual Flores - Ronda Ricardo Lafuente - Ronda César Cánovas.
  • Zone 5. Coast. From Palangre street to Avda. del Agua, and from the axis Avda. París – Zorrilla - Ronda José Samper to the coast.
  • Zone 6. Downtown urbanizations. From the axis Avda. París – Zorrilla - Ronda José Samper to Avda. Cortes Valencianas, and from the Ronda José Samper to the axis Avda.
  • Zone 7. Sector 25. From Avda. Cortes Valencianas to the N-332 highway, and from the junction with the highway to Ronda Ricardo Lafuente.
  • Zone 8. La Mata. From Avda. del Agua and Ronda José Samper to the end of the municipality, and from the N-332 road to the coast.
  • Zone 9. North Urbanizations. Torreta Florida, Torreta I, Torreta II, Torreta III, Altos del Limonar, Natural Park, Doña Inés and Jardín del Mar.
  • Zone 10. North Torrevieja. El Chaparral, La Siesta, San Luis and El Limonar.
  • Zone 11. Rest of the Municipal Term, in general areas of Non-Developable land.

Sandra Sánchez has highlighted that the work will begin within the following period, from the receipt of the work order, qualifying as:

  • Ordinary and non-urgent. Work will begin within a period of no more than 7 days or will be included in the action plan for the following month, depending on the need.
  • Urgent. Work must always start within less than 45 hours.
  • Very urgent. Work must begin no later than 3 hours after receipt of the work order.

Likewise, the works will be divided into several services: inspection, conservation and maintenance of public roads, and repair of elements of the public road.

During the entire term of the contract, the company must have at least one checkpoint team to deal with urgent repairs and emergencies in terms of possible breakages, subsidence or any problem that arises on public roads and that requires immediate attention for its dangerous or unsafe.

This checkpoint will be made up of three teams, each of them made up of three workers and two operators (1 official and 2 on Wednesday) with the machinery and materials necessary to deal with the aforementioned actions. This minimum team must be available every day, 24 hours a day and from Monday to Sunday.