Public exposition

EDICT Plant for temporary storage and transfer of algae and pruning within the scope of the municipal public service for waste collection (Exhibition to the public)

As it is an activity subject to environmental impact assessment, the file must be submitted to public information for a period of not less than 20 days so that natural or legal persons, neighborhood associations and those who deem it appropriate, make the allegations they deem appropriate according to the: Law 6/2014, of July 25, of the Generalitat, on Prevention, Quality and Environmental Control of Activities in the Valencian Community.


Submit to public information, for a period of 30 business days, as established in Article 23 of Law 13/2010 of the Generalitat Valenciana, of November 23, on Civil Protection and Emergency Management and in Article 51 of the Legislative Decree 1/2021 of the Consolidated Text of the Urban Planning Law, sending them to the Official Gazette of the Province, to an unofficial newspaper with wide circulation in the town and publishing them on the website of the Torrevieja City Council, during which as many suggestions, allegations and documents as deemed appropriate may be submitted.

Actions prior to the drafting of the amendment 108 of the PGOU by virtue of article 51 of the TRLOTUP

The preparation of the draft plan, by virtue of article 51 of the TRLOTUP, requires previously that the department of the administration that promotes it carry out through the web portal a prior public consultation for a period of twenty days in relation to the document in which it is indicated succinctly the problems that the initiative is intended to solve, the need and timing of its approval, the objectives of the plan and possible alternative solutions.

Modification II Study Detail Block R6, sector 27, "La Coronelita" (Public exhibition).

Sector 27, 'La Coronelita', is located northwest of the municipality of Torrevieja, adjacent to Sector 3 "Lago Sol" of Torrevieja, in the area near the municipality of Orihuela.

The R-6 plot is located at the west end of the Partial Plan, adjacent to the "Lago Sol" Partial Plan, of consolidated construction and which forms the physical boundary already built on the edge of the Partial Plan and of the R-6 plot.

The area occupies a hill, with a gentle slope in the Northeast direction, directed towards the visual basin of the Salinas de Torrevieja, with a maximum elevation difference of 15 m.

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Modification 109 General Urban Planning Plan - Puerto de Torrevieja

Strategic territorial environmental assessment, as its name suggests, assesses the possible effects on the environment that the management proposed by a management instrument or a program may produce.

The management instruments and their modifications initially require for their processing the strategic territorial environmental assessment that will be carried out through the ordinary or simplified procedure according to the assumptions set forth in article 45 of the LOTUP.

The strategic territorial environmental assessment begins with the presentation by the promoting body to the substantive body of the request to start the strategic territorial and environmental assessment, accompanied by a draft of the plan or program and an initial strategic document. In the case at hand, when the promoter body and the substantive body coincide, the beginning of the procedure is substituting for the drafting of the initial strategic document and the plan by the City Council.

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