Innovation Projects

Legal feasibility and market studies for the enhancement of brine and sludge from the Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja

The Torrevieja City Council is carrying out a series of actions whose objective is to enhance the value of the brine and sludge from the Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja and, as a complement and in connection with the above, of seawater.

This action is preceded by the preparation of an Early Demand Map of needs for Public Procurement of Innovation, one of which is, precisely, the enhancement of natural resources.

The City Council has counted, as collaborating entities in the scientific and academic field, with the universities of Alicante, Complutense and Alcalá. Without a doubt, it will also require the assistance of other universities and technology and/or research centres.

In this project, the City Council has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, materialized with the financing of certain projects by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) and the collaboration of different ministries and organizations of the Autonomous Administration.

The feasibility study and roadmap that makes it possible to value the brine and peloids from Laguna Rosa, and seawater, for therapeutic, cosmetic, biotechnological and other uses of potential interest has been carried out by a specialized team of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá /FGUA).

The market study on therapeutic, cosmetic and biotechnological uses of the brine and peloids from the Laguna Rosa, and of seawater, has been commissioned by the University Institute of Tourism Research (IUIT) of the University of Alicante.

Enhancement of the brine and sludge from the Laguna Rosa de Torrevieja for therapeutic and cosmetic uses

The Laguna Rosa has been used for the extraction of salt and, more recently, a tourist use of the immediate surroundings has begun. However, uses such as hydrotherapeutic, cosmetic and bio-technological uses have not been explored to date.

Diversifying the Torrevieja economy beyond the characteristic tourist-residential monoculture was one of the conclusions of the Torrevieja Strategic Tourism Plan, which points out the opportunity to work on endogenous resources that provide Torrevieja with differentiating elements and constitute competitive advantages to attract entrepreneurial talent and generate qualified employment.

This Innovation project pursues the enhancement of the brine and sludge from the Rosa Lagoon, for the diversification of the tourist offer and the local economy, the seasonal adjustment of tourism and the generation of quality employment based on knowledge and value services added.

Map of Early Demand for Public Procurement of Innovation

The project "Innovative Public Procurement of Torrevieja" was carried out by the Torrevieja City Council and financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) through its Program to "boost the CPI to promote the demand for product tenders and innovative services.

Its objective was to analyze the possibilities offered by the Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) as an element of traction of innovative markets, for which it focused on carrying out preparatory actions for the implementation of CPI projects and the dynamization of entities of the Valencian Innovation System from the Torrevieja City Council.

It concluded with the preparation of a CPI Early Demand Map (MDP-CPI) that consists of twenty needs for Public Procurement of Innovation.