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Mission Possible

Possible Mission is a Non-Governmental Organization that arises as a response to the various needs that have been arising or have been increased as a result of the economic crisis that has hit Spai

New Fraternity

Its main project is caring for people in need in the third world by financing specific projects, such as schools, training centers for women,

hospitals, homes, wells.....

Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra

In its more than ten years of history "The Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra" I have passed through the stages of a large number of theaters and auditoriums in the towns of the provinces of Alicante an

3MAP Musical Association

The 3MAP Association was born in August 2020 to honor the teacher Ricardo LaFuente. A sample of his legend is that his music and his lyrics are still alive and remain with us.

Afa Alzheimer Torrevieja

The Alzheimer's Association of Relatives / Friends of Torrevieja (AFA Torrevieja) is a center designed to work with Alzheimer's patients and other neurodegenerative diseases and their families.

ADIEM CRIS Torrevieja

ADIEM FOUNDATION   is a non-profit organization whose main objective is the social integration of people with mental health problems or functional diversity and of people in a situ


Apymeco is the Association of Merchants and Professionals of Torrevieja, it is non-profit making and its sole purpose is to improve and promote local commerce and professional activities, in which